Rice in the International Market

Welcome to RIFAN

Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria (RIFAN) is the global advocate for all segments of the
Nigerian rice industry with a mission to promote and protect the interests of its members.

RIFAN has over 12.2 million members who are involved in Rice farming, Milling, Storage and
Management, Trading and Marketing, Export, Research and Training and Allied businesses.

We are a global advocate for all segments of the Nigerian rice industry...

RIFAN is recognized by the Government of Nigeria and works closely with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, Ministry of Agriculture, state governments, foreign governments and academic research institutions and other parastatals. RIFAN is consulted by the Nigerian Government on all policy decisions in the field of rice cultivation, warehousing and export.

RIFAN makes efforts in promoting rice in the international market, through various meetings, summits, conferences and events such as the food fairs across the world. RIFAN also organizes frequent seminars on business opportunities in rice exports and other similar topics. The association has been successfully making a name for Nigerian rice worldwide.

What We Do

RIFAN’s primary focus is ensuring that the Nigerian rice production
meets its local demand which is placed at about 5 million tons annually.


Over 10,000 members are involved in the management and storage of over 2 million metric tons of rice across the 36 states.


RIFAN is a market leader in the procurement and sale of rice and associated products and focuses on the origination of rice.


At RIFAN, we are currently exporting rice to surrounding West African and Sub-Saharan countries.


We offer both long term and short-term equipment leasing options to members ranging from fairly used to brand new.

Quote of the Month

"The rice grain suffers under the blow of the pestle. But admire its whiteness once the order is over. So it is with men and the world we live in. To be a man one must suffer the blows of misfortune. - Ho Chi Minh"